Privatize the North Dakota Public Service Commission

*original posting found here* Introduction I have made my position clear that I would like to see the Public Service Commission phased out and essentially abolished. […]

LPND Response To Recent Controversy

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* 10/17/2016   When I got a call at 7:55 am last Thursday from Nick Bata, our Insurance Commissioner candidate, I knew something was […]
Jack Seaman, U.S. House, Libertarian, North Dakota

Jack Seaman Dominates at House Debate

Jack Seaman, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House, once again shows viewers why he is the common sense choice for ND U.S. House
Tom Skadeland, Libertarian, North Dakota, Public Service Commission

Tom Skadeland Brings Much-Needed Perspective to ND Service Commission Debate

Tom Skadeland reminded viewers of the role of government in this ND Service Commission Debate hosted by Prairie Public