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Ballot Drive FAQ

Most Frequent Questions And Answer

By succeeding in this drive, we will be able to run Libertarian candidates from state house to statewide offices. We can effect the balance of power and give liberty a voice.

Fill out this volunteer form. We’ll get you started! Here are some general tips on how to collect signatures. Information on how to access Official Petition Paper can be found here.

If you do not have the time to collect signatures yourself, please donate to help others do it on your behalf.

Signature should be turned into State Chair Adam Heupel or State Vice Chair Taylor Bakken or mailed to:

LPND Ballot Committee
121 14th Ave West
West Fargo, ND 58078

We need to gather 8,500 signatures to be submitted by April 11th 2022. That being said, our goal is 10,000 signatures to ensure we have a sufficient number of legitimate ones.

Signatures must be current ND residents who are currently eligible to vote. It must be done in-person on the this form and we have to submit the original petition form, no copies.

You may find many people willing to sign your petition for a variety of reasons but the #1 reason is to allow for open elections and more choice.

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