DAPL Court Decision Renews Need For Mutual Respect of Each Other And The Law

Fargo, N.D. – The Libertarian Party of North Dakota has issued the following statement in response to today’s ruling in federal court denying the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s request to halt construction:980x

“No matter what happens from here on out with the Dakota Access Pipeline, both sides need to remain calm, treat each other with respect, and reject the temptation to give the other side an excuse to escalate tensions further,” Marty Riske, candidate for Governor said.  “It is important for those North Dakotans involved to understand that the age old tensions that exist between the various factions are no reason to give anyone a small semblance of justification for undue force.”

“First and foremost Libertarians, like all law-abiding citizens, respect the rule of law and the protection of private property rights,” Tony Mangnall, chairman of the North Dakota Libertarian Party stated.  “The judge’s decision does not change the need for the basic role of government to first protect people from unlawful acts, and to then protect private property from unlawful acts with responsible, prudent, and measured enforcement of the law.”

“Let’s remember that the protesters are not warriors, they are a mix of men, women, children and elders. It would not be appropriate to respond with dogs and armed forces,” Riske added.  “Now that the ruling has been made, it’s time for Governor Dalrymple to arrange the negotiating table.”

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman David Archambault II’s video message today was a message that all sides must hear as it strikes the proper diplomatic and non-violent tone needed for this situation,” Jack Seaman, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives pointed out.  “Like any group feeling like they are not being heard, there will always be bad apples trying to ruin it for the rest, but that should not poison the legitimate grievances in this situation.”

“We all hope that the fears of those like Clay Jenkinson writes about in his article do not come to pass, but we cannot deny those are the unspoken fears that many have hard during this conflict,” Riske added.  “It is up to everyone involved to make sure the real issues do not get clouded by chaos.”


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Tony Mangnall, LPND Chair



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