Libertarian Nick Bata Launches 2016 Campaign For Insurance Commissioner

Nick-PressReleaseImgContinuing what has been a stunning year for interest in the North Dakota Libertarian Party, yet another candidate for state office rises off the couch and comes forth in an attempt to make meaningful change in our political process.  Nick Bata, of Kensal, ND, has announced his candidacy for Insurance Commissioner in North Dakota.

Recognizing the failure of insurance policy in our state and across the nation, especially with respect to health insurance, Mr. Bata had this to say, “I believe that this healthcare crisis shows two things, and has one conclusion; the North Dakota Insurance Department has failed, or it has exacerbated the problem.  In either case, it is unfit to exist.”  This quote comes from a launch article on Nick Bata’s campaign website.  Click that link for the full text.

“Libertarian policies, unlike other political party policies, are formed from a bedrock of moral philosophy,” said Tony Mangnall, LPND Party Chair.  “Nick Bata has a ‘tree-trunk’ level of understanding when comes to both the policy and the philosophy, and North Dakota will benefit from that knowledge.”  He went on to say, “the fact that we have so many candidates running for office this year tells me one thing: people are sick and tired of the established political parties.  The wind is in the sails of the Libertarian Party.  That wind is the call for greater freedom, and for drastically reducing the influence of incompetent, corrupt government officials in our lives.”

Nick Bata joins a growing list of Libertarian Candidates, with more to come!

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