Libertarian Thomas Skadeland Launches 2016 Campaign For Public Service Commissioner

Tom Skadeland, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Candidate, Libertarian Party

Tom Skadeland, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Candidate, Libertarian PartyContinuing the string of successful candidate launches during the 2016 election season, the Libertarian Party is proud to endorse our next worthy candidate, Thomas Skadeland from Portland, North Dakota for Public Service Commissioner.

“I’m excited to be officially launching my campaign,” said Skadeland.  “Getting involved in the Libertarian Party has been a great experience and a lot of fun. The Libertarian Party is the only party asking fundamental questions about the role of government, and this is the only way any serious discussion can take place about the problems created by government overreach. The Public Service Commission is no exception, and I believe its influence has become too extensive. I would like to see the size and scope of the P.S.C. as limited as possible. If elected, I would be a principled proponent of property rights and voluntary contracts.”

“We are very excited to add Mr. Skadeland to our growing roster of candidates,” said Tony Mangnall, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of North Dakota. “Tom would be an asset to the state not only as Public Service Commissioner, but also as a fresh voice in the halls of ND politics. There just aren’t enough people working in government who understand the power of individual liberty to solve our most pressing issues.”

With Skadeland’s launch, the Libertarian Party ticket continues to fill its slate with candidates for the 2016 election cycle. Over the last few years, the growth of the Libertarian Party in North Dakota and around the nation has been astonishing, but not unexpected. Every American now knows how short-sighted, corrupt, and criminally negligent the entrenched parties have been, and the Libertarian Party has been the “clean glass of water” as compared to the stale “Coke or Pepsi” choice offered by the establishment.

Stay tuned, we’ll be launching more candidates over the next few weeks!

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